Snow Queens and PoC
Misrepresentation of the Sámi… by critics of Frozen

This just needs to be said: Can Frozen critics please take half a second to do some research on us Sámi before they leap out and try to “defend” us?

It’s ironic, but if the “Sámi” Kristoff had been portrayed like this ( then *that* would have been misrepresenting the Sámi. The person who drew this is confusing us with the Inuits. Which is so lazy it’s just insulting.

Kristoff, as he is drawn in the actual move, could pass well for a Sámi. The guy on the Allthecolorsofdisney Blog? If I saw this guy wearing a gákti (our national clothes) I’d asume he was part Inuit or had mixed background from some other Arctic people.

And as for this person ( I’d say she was trolling you, if it wasn’t for the dismal level of knowledge about us among the majority population. She may actually believe what she’s writing. Because part of being an indigenous minority, is that they don’t teach much about us in Scandinavian schools.

But just to make it clear: we have no relation to the Inuits. There’s the entire North Atlantic between us and them. Our history and experiences with colonization are somewhat similar, but our cultures and ancestries are not the same. 

The picture she’s posting to you? MAN she must have looked a long time for that one. Or just got a very unlucky hit on Google, if giving her the benefit of doubt. This is the most Asian-looking Sámi guy I have seen in my life. For comparison, see this guy (

We come in all colors and shapes, and we always have. It’s not like we all looked Japanese just 150 years ago, and then today we suddenly look like this ( 

I dunno if you’re going to bother answering this, or even publishing it. Maybe you’re just asking yourself “so what”? “Why be offended”?

Well, it’s sorta offensive when people attack Disney for misrepresenting us, and then in effect ask Disney to misrepresent us *even more*. 


No, I get what you’re saying completely! I feel both sides of the argument have used Sami culture to their convenience (both white and non-white!).

That’s why I have personally avoided talking about Sami culture on the blog. I only accept asks or commentary from people that are Sami to speak about the culture.

As for the film I still feel biggest problem was Jennifer Lee’s lazy decision to put Kristoff as Sami and not ever bring up again in context of the film.

Anyhow I do get why your angry and I would be too!

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