Snow Queens and PoC
Frequently Asked Questions

Part one:  Comments or Concerns/ “Knee Jerk Reactions”

1.)”The Snow Queen is an ALL WHITE STORY, that’s why all the characters are white!!!”

Not really. Most European fairytales can be found all across the globe. There is a Snow White version in East Asia and the earliest Cinderella version dates back to Egypt. So yes that includes Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”. Google for more info!

2.)”All Scandinavians/people in Europe are white!!!”

here’s two links for you:

How Scandinavians are not all white

How Europe is not all white

Regardless, Frozen is set in the fictional realm of Arendelle. There are no excuses for the lack of representation.


Ok now read this

4.)”Stop making a race issue out of something that isn’t!!/why does it even matter?”

Here’s why


Ok then why are you bothering your time here?

7.)”Why do you hate Frozen?!!”

I don’t. I think the movie is awful in terms of storytelling and characters but I understand some people will like it regardless of these problems. Besides, the point of this blog is to critique the lack of PoC in Disney film and to showcase representation.

Part two: Actual Questions about the blog

1.) What’s the object of the blog?

It’s relatively simple, re-take Disney Frozen and make our own PoC concept art. It goes from racebending the protagonists or setting Frozen in a different part of the world. The objective is not to boycott or “hate” on Disney’s current Frozen, but to point out how diversity and PoC could of still been done with Frozen. Currently alot of people do not think representation is a big deal. And as you might of seen in the knee jerk questions in Part One, people seriously believe a.) PoC don’t exist in Europe and b.) they don’t thrive in the Snow environments. I don’t seek to change the current Frozen but emphasize and point out the lack of diversity in Disney’s current films and future ones.
2.) Isn’t it cultural appropriation to do this to Frozen/ isn’t it racist to demand Princesses of color?
No it is not because Disney has neither been faithful to Hans Christian Andersen’s original work or his setting. Frozen is mash up of different Scandinavian cultures. Scandinavian cultures (except for Indigenous groups like the Saami) have never been oppressed so they can be truly victims of cultural appropriation the way other groups can.
For this same reason is not ‘racist’ to demand a princess of color. White princesses and people alike have never been oppressed the way PoC have or marginalized from films, so you cannot be racist against them. Racism is a system of oppression, so racism against white folks (“reverse racism”) does not exist.
4.) What about is this about Saami/Frozen?
Kristoff was written as Saami and that was it. No development on that.
Personally I don’t feel comfortable talking about Saami culture. So here’s what SelchieProductions has said about Frozen.
3.) Is Disney racist?
No shit sherlock. Disney has ALOT of internalized racism and it’s very, very obvious in older films. The truth is in this day and age Disney should be addressing this problem. Making more white princesses film isn’t helping their record.
3.) I’m curious/ I want to learn/ Can you explain this a little more?
If you’re interested in conversations about race/diversity/sexism in disney films, I highly recommend my disney blog
It’s focused in the lack of PoC in Disney films, particularly princesses. Any other commentary about Disney/ race/ racism should be asked in this blog and not on here.
4.) You didn’t answer my question/I’m embarassed to ask a question!
If your questions have not been answered here, feel free to mssg me! However, if you’re interested in ranting about disney princesses/race (I’m all for it!) please proceed to my main blog for I will be only answering Frozen and PoC art related questions on this blog.
If you are angry at this blog then idk go look somewhere else.

I have anon off for the same reason people get really racist/gross on Anon. If you have a genuine question and are embarassed to ask it because it might be problematic,etc, just ask it and I’ll answer it privately.